• Image of Daryl Dixon - Charcoal
  • Image of Daryl Dixon - Charcoal

Charcoal + Pastel on Archival White Paper
8.5 x 8.5"
Signed Original, *Unframed

*To add on a frame handpicked for this piece by the artist, please email aimeekuester@yahoo.com for details.


[The Walking Dead, AMC original series]

"I chose to do the Walking Dead because I love the elaborate character development. After trying different concepts out, I realized it all boiled down to one thing for me. Daryl Dixon.
Ultimately I just wanted to draw a gritty portrait of the man who intrigues me most. Pre-zombie apocalypse, Daryl's life was already full of physical and psychological abuse- while others had to quickly adapt in a new world of relentless terror. He evolves into being emotionally awake as others become more hardened, and the complex soul hidden behind his stereotypical backwoods exterior is fascinating.
I worked on this piece for many long sessions to spill his lifeblood onto the paper."